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Church Life

So in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. (Romans 12:5)


At New Covenant church we place a high value on relationship and during the week we operate various group meetings. It is here where people get opportunity to discover a lot about themselves and develop their relationship with God and one another. 

We therefore encourage members to participate in a life group. Throughout the week different groups meet in homes and the church building to encourage one another in their faith; Bible studies are conducted; and prayer meetings of different groups are held.

wise women int.

At New Covenant Church we have a strong women’s ministry operating under the umbrella of Wise Women International headed by Evelyn. Drawing from the theme of Prov. 14:1 – The wise woman builds her house. The team organise meetings with invites open to women from churches in the district to attend. The teachings guide and encourage members to serve God in their different capacities as per the calling upon their lives, emulating the strong faithful women of the Bible.

Deborah served as a judge in Israel for some years-Judges 4:9; Esther saved the Jews-Esther 9:29-31; Dorcas-Acts 9:36; Susanna and Joanna who supported Jesus in ministry Luke 8:3. Women are also guided on how they can balance between church ministry and the family without one affecting the other.

Youth & Children

Our youth ministry is very active and meetings and other activities are organized to allow the youth to explore deeply about God and discover their potential in serving Him. (Ecclesiastes 12:1-8) The ministry is headed and guided by a very committed young man, Steven Ssebulime, who has a passion for the younger generations to know the fullness of God. Youth conferences are organised annually at the church building, where many young men and women come from different corners of the country to attend and we have witnessed a positive change in the youths.

We also consider very much our younger children and children’s church is conducted every Sunday. Children are taught and guided on how to love God. Also they are taught Bible stories manifesting the love and will of God. It is our responsibility as elders to create opportunity for young children to encounter the living God and learn more about Him. (Deut 6:6-7; Ephesians 6:4)

home & bible groups

Organising small groups in different areas/villages enables families within the groups to gather in the home of one family each week, in rotation. This strengthens networking and relationships among the members. During these group meetings people share testimonies which encourage, revive, restore, and strengthen the faith of others.

Bible studies are conducted within the course of the week and other prayer meetings for various groups of ministers. This is very important as people are able to get a deeper knowledge in understanding God and the Bible which helps us to grow stronger in the faith. (Acts 2:42)


Sunday services are organised in a way that make people of God experience the presence, move and touch of God as guided by the Holy Spirit. The praise and worship at New Covenant church is full of enthusiasm as it is spirit led and it is cross-culture. Two services are conducted on Sunday: First service on Sunday runs from 9am-11am and second service from 11:15am-1:15pm. We would love to see you there! Find out how to get to us and get in touch via our Contact Page.

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